The Origin



Four friends gathered around an idea that they were obsessed with and that they could not allow to happen: The project consists in making our own wines which reflect the personality of different existing D.O. in Spain. Supported in their knowledge about viticulture of the different areas, they decide to make his dream come true in betting on the development of Barco de Papel, Iroko and 3 en Raya. They are wines with a marked pioneer and avant-garde profile, in which we mark an era and a model to follow breaking schemes with elegance.

We start opening hollow in the market of the wines on the D.O. Rueda, Ribera del Duero and Rioja. We are firmly committed with the existing varieties autochthonous in the different and varied areas where the wineries are placed. The different winemakers in each one of the wineries are specialized in the development of the typical varieties in the areas that our wines are placed, showing in our wines the characteristics of the varieties in its most genuine personality in each case.


Quality is our main goal; this supports all the BODEGAS MARIN ACOSTA´s work. For this reason, we carefully analyze the full process, from the preparation to the wine obtaining.

The harvest of grapes is manual and they are collected in boxes of 20 kg, which are downloaded in a selection table to ensure that all the grapes arrive whole at the tank and completely healthy. All stainless steel tanks have temperature control, heating and cooling system. The deposits capacities are between 1,400 liters and 3,000 liters and the grapes from each vineyard are made independently in different tanks. Each vineyard requires to make a measure vinification and by variety.

We do the pre-fermentative maceration in cold, the fermentation and post-fermentation maceration with periodic analytical and quality control in the tanks. Once completed these processes, IROKO and 3 EN RAYA are deposited directly in oak barrels for malolactic fermentation and aging. The aging of our wines varies according to the grape variety between 6, 12 and 18 months.


The vineyards are located mainly along the Duero River, at 450 and 950 altitude meters according to D.O. where we produce our wines, and they enjoy a special climate, sole geography and orientation and weather.

DOCa RUEDA: The lands of these areas are mostly brown, rich in calcium and magnesium, easy tillage and stony with a good aeration and drainage and limestone outcrops on the highest slopes of the ripples. The lands are permeable and healthy.

DOCa RIOJA: The climate and the fertile nature of the land provide very good harvests of grapes, with perfectly ripe grapes. The drier climate, with a Mediterranean influence, and ferrous clay soil benefit the Garnacha red wines. Francs, aromatics and slightly acidic wines.

DOCa RIBERA DEL DUERO: The climate is Mediterranean with continental character. With a low-to-moderate average rainfall per year, dry summers and long and harsh winters, with marked thermal oscillations throughout the seasons. It is precisely these oscillations that are going to help the grapes to develop a skin strong, able to withstand the rigors of the time to protect the fruit until the harvest of grapes.

The soils are loamy sand with silt or clay, with alternating limestone and calcareous layers. The basin presents ripples in the landscape, small hills eroded by the influence of the river, with elevations ranging from 911 altitude meters in the mountains to the valleys that run along the river.

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