We want to add dynamic and proactive persons to our project, in order to sell our wines in all the Spanish provinces, generating employment and wealth. Bodegas Marín Acosta select independent trade agents throughout Europe. Especially in Spain where unfortunately there are many people in unemployment and many others who want to extend their workday to have additional income. We offer you the possibility to work with us as a distributor, independent trade agent, broker… of our wines in your area.

This collaboration proposal is for provinces and cities where we do not have current representation.

– To be at least 18 years old.
– To be wine´s lover, gastronomy…
– High capacity for persuasion.
– Extrovert, with trade skills.
– If you are a Dealer: to be a company with warehouses and trade agents.
– If you are a Trade Agent: to be self-employee.
– Another collaboration ways to be considered.
If you are interested, send us a mail with your Curriculum Vitae to: info@bodegasmarinacosta.com
Avda. Pantano, 28 - 46820 Anna (Valencia) (Spain)
+34 950 084 844

c/ Pilares, 45 bajo 04006 Almería (Spain)
+34 950 084 844
+34 680 931 756